Legalize it Now

The debate on Marijuana is clearly one sided. However the right side now must focus on a different argument from their previous one in order to drive this case home. California has been the progressive leader in the revolution of Marijuana reform and debates in America. Previous discourse has focused on the fact that Marijuana isn't the deadly gateway drug that close minded politicians and power hungry authority figures have portrayed it to be. Obviously we are learning more and more about the benefits and medical aspects that moderate use of Marijuana has. Marijuana advocates must take a different approach and if they do this well I have no doubt that Marijuana use will be just as legal as Alcohol consumption in this country. This factor is the economic impact that Marijuana legalization and regulation will have in fighting our enormous budget deficit. Marijuana is a huge cash crop in America, there is no doubt about it. If legalized and taxed in a way that would give back to the state, then the large deficit would be nearly cut in half. Prison sentences and police resources to combat Marijuana users and dealers are pointless. They cost millions of dollars a year and result in overcrowding of state and federal prisons...No one benefits on any of this.

When will the law makers get their heads out of the sand? You have to motivate them with something they believe in....MONEY! The chance to make money on such a cash crop would be more than enough of a signifier for the powers that be to consider doing the right thing with this issue. We all know that Marijuana isn't the deadly killer that our grandparents generation considered it to be. But unfortunately in order to do the right thing we need to put a price tag on this issue rather than a tag of morality. Any responsible economist would agree that Marijuana sales would provide a tremendous boost to a state's economy. The debate is generally focused on California, but can be applied to a much larger scale...We should be considering a federal legalization...Obviously.

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  1. Yes! Yes! We all love money! I love the smell of coke laced Benjamins in the morning.

    I take issue with one thing you said though. Marijuana IS a gateway drug. BECAUSE it is ILLEGAL!

    Right now if you want to get weed you gotta deal with seedy characters. When you start to smoke the stuff, you begin to disrespect your government and wonder what else they have been lying to you about. On top of that, those seedy guys will be pushing other things on you and the CHILDREN. THE CHILDREN!

    think about that also - yeah, kids can get booze, but not as easily as they can get weed. that should be a known fact - drug dealers do not check IDs.

    Ok, I'm done. nice post.

  2. Disrespecting the government and realizing they are lying should come as a result of clear empirical thought. I don't know anyone who started a revolution after a joint...much less got off the couch to commit a crime. I don't see the gateway drug argument. It actually hasn't been used by opponents recently because it is completely subjective or without any statistical proof. I know more than a dozen pot smokers and no users of hard drugs. I think that people who use hard drugs are more likely to start without ever trying Marijuana. Also prescription pills are more of a gateway drug than pot. All those medical professionals who get fired or go to jail for stealing pain killers probably don't sell pot on the side.

    Also I agree there are some seedy characters that sell weed, but there are probably more neo-hippy slackers and college kids dealing specifically with Marijuana than thugs. Maybe these low level dealers get their supply from a seedy characters, but they aren't the ones peddling dime bags of grass to a suburban kid.

    I miss you man. These conversations need to happen more often. Your always good at being the devils advocate, law should suit you well! Good luck with the semester!