Artists Talk on Art

Figurative Expressionism: Then and Now.

On Thursday March 25th artists Jay Milder, Peter Passuntino, and Bill Barrell will be engaging in a panel discussion with curator Adam Zucker (me) for Artists Talk on Art, a series of critical discussions in the Visual Arts. All three painters come from the Second Generation of Abstract Expressionism in both Provincetown and New York City. However, unlike their abstract contemporaries they have been using the figure as the harbinger for spiritual and political expressionism. With no mainstream support they started to show their work at their own galleries and formed an artist’s collective called Rhino Horn, where they created monumental exhibitions and attracted the attention of their peers and critics. The discussion will emphasize each artist’s individual career and present a collective view on Figurative Expressionism as it began and where it is today.

ATOA's Critical Discussions in the Visual Arts are held at SOHO 20 Chelsea, 547 West 27th Street, Suite 301, NYC

Thursdays, at 7:30 PM, with doors opening at 6:30 PM.

Check http://www.atoa.org/ for dates and details, or call (212) 779-9250

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