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In Memoriam

Howard Zinn (August 24, 1922 – January 27, 2010)


Art Farts

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An American Paradox

"An American Paradox" indeed: In a survey of attitudes toward artists in the U.S. a vast majority of Americans, 96%, said they were greatly inspired by various kinds of art and highly value art in their lives and communities. But the data suggests a strange paradox.

"While Americans value art, the end product, they do not value what artists do. Only 27% of respondents believe that artists contribute "a lot" to the good of society."

It is obviously clear that he days of art for the people is long gone as far as mainstream American culture is concerned. What can American artists do to close this gap and gain the trust or acceptance of the people? This will be the test that will ultimately put the good artists against the bad ones.

Throughout Art History there have been collectives and movements that were focused solely on the people. However, in America the art world focuses mainly on popular aesthetics and capital market value, rather than artwork that seeks to enrich the human race. Mexico, on the other hand, has always seen an important connection between artists and the population. This is exemplified in the progression from the great Muralists like Orozco and Siqueiros in the 30's to the current graffiti collective ASARO. In Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, and Argentina, you will find some of the most amazing contemporary artwork by artists you will (probably) never hear about in the United States. The majority of these artists are making Street Art, which is often temporary and definitely hard to make into a commodity (although most notably in America and the U.K. artists have taken their spray cans into galleries and onto canvases, which they sell for thousands of dollars). Artists from these countries have one very powerful thing in common. Their art is revered by the people because their art is a dialog that is expressed and common to both the creator and the viewer...They aren't driven by Capitalist ideology or an unregulated and inflated art market/economy.

American artists had the correct kind of mentality in the past. During the late 50's, Figurative Expressionists in the East Coast brought together their probing of individuality with a greater concern and hope for all of human nature. Long after Abstract Expressionism became superseded by the next mainstream modes, Pop Art and Minimalism; the powerfully humanistic art making of Figurative Expressionism was kept alive by the Rhino Horn group. These artists were creating poignant political figurative art for the people in the 60's and 70's. They were and still remain Expressionists whose work isn't concerned with being pretty, hip or stylish (although Jay Milder has been noted by art critic Robert C. Morgan to have Influenced Basquiat). Today the artists Jay Milder, Bill Barrell and Peter Passuntino have continued to be quintessential painters. Their artwork isn't concerned with popular aesthetics or popular Western ideology. These artists are Americans who are concerned with achieving a deep global connection for the progression of the collective human race.

If Americans are to have a greater understanding and respect for American artists, the status quo must change! We need to focus the attention from artists who just care about the dollar to the artists that care about the people! We need democracy, for the arts and for everything else.


Fall From Grace

I recant my previous claim...Maybe Hirst doesn't have the longevity that Warhol has. Art critic and writer Jonathan Jones from the UK Guardian has taken a vow never to write about Hirst again. No PR is the only bad PR. I have a love and hate relationship with Hirst. More appropriately a like/hate, because I dare am not taken back by anything Hirst has done. I have to admit that his paintings drew me in at first glance. I had written about their conceptual and figurative significance. But upon closer examination I feel that the paintings, like the rest of Hirst's work is ultimately based around pretentious ideas that he forces us to consider as art. Hirst is an interesting individual but ultimately I think that his ideas are greater than his art and both of those things are getting played out. The same goes for the generation of artists who stand for nothing. They stand by their materialistic yearning. They remove the artists' hand in creating massive idolatry in praise of the art market god. Good painting and good art is rarely a mainstream thing.

I am also done with Damien Hirst (until he provides means for a more positive investigation into his artistic abilities).... I will only be mentioning artists that are continuously worthy of merit from here on in.

Food, Glorious Food

This weekend was the opening for Food, Glorious Food. It is the first show I curated at the Wespac Space, which is a space operated by the Wespac foundation. Wespac is a humanistic grassroots political organization. They support local projects like our art and music shows so please visit their site and get involved in thinking locally and acting globally!

The Wespac Space is an alternative space in Westchester, New York (located at 255 Dr. Martin Luther King BLVD in White Plains). Our mission is to give local and under represented artists the chance to show in a gallery. Many suburban artists don't have the resources or connections to make it in the cut throat scene in NYC. Many of the artists in the show are recent graduates of art schools like SUNY Purchase or SVA, and others are self taught. There is also an established artist named Beverly Shipko,who shows with OK Harris. This is the first of many curatorial efforts by myself at this location. I envision local curators being able to submit proposals and work as a collective with me in the near future. So please come on down to the space and see the exhibition which will run until the 14th of February (with a closing reception on the 13th). The opening was intimate because I hadn't gotten the press release out in time. But nonetheless it was an amazing time had by all! You can relive the amazing night through pictures:

(from L to R) Visitors check out the installation. The desserts (Christine Camacho's Conehead, Owl Sundae, Cinnamon Bun, and Cupcake; Beverly Shipko's Oreo in Three Pieces; Jessica Emerson's Sugar Rush). Next we have a red velvet palette cake by Christine Camacho. Alex Miritello's Strawberries, Kristen Goehringer's Untitled and Untitled. Where is the beef you ask? It is in Alana Integlio's United States of America. Next are some photographs: Alex Miritello's Sheep, Tomatoes, Poultry Women, Fish Bones; Anonymous's Nugget Farm USA; and Adam Zucker's (aka me) Fish Fry. Finally we get to the end of the wall and: Brian Galderisi's Food Series; Adam Zucker's Vegatable Supreme Pizza Pie; Deana Camacho's Divine Sausage; Yancey Guthrie Winch's GMO1; Carissa Baldino's Oranges. The next image is of the middle of the wall and: Adam Zucker's Burger Monsters sitting above Carissa Baldino's Oranges.

Then came the bands at around 8pm. First was the prog-rock indie group 1974 from CT.
Next was the high octane art-punk duo in Easter Vomit from all over NYC. And then came Westchester's punk/dance/funk gods,the Genuine Imitations.

At the end of the night we ate the art!


I hate you

Why couldn't a massive earthquake hit Rush Limbaugh? That fat ass probably has his own fault line.



The Philosopher, Andy Warhol

Adam Zucker, Andy, Acrylic on canvas 2008

Was Andy Warhol a true master artist? Many consider him to be the most important artist of the latter 20th century. Or is he a grossly overrated individual who was good at manipulating people and getting it on with the "in crowd?" Its 2010 and still (rather) new articles and ideas are surfacing regarding the career of Warhol. In the article “Top of the Pops” in the New Yorker, Louis Menand dissects Warhol, Pop art, and philosophy.

Pop Art ultimately was the last modernist movement to investigate the nature of art itself. The artist's ideas and biography became more important than their soulful expression and imagination. While I disagree that Pop Art was a progressive evolutionary track in art, I will say that Warhol was a fine conceptualist. His ideas for art did influence a greater audience than ever before in the course of modern Art History; however distorted it all was and has become. Warhol is known to many as a brand and not an artist. This is what he considered to be his greatest philosophical take on art, the dehumanization of the artist. Today that brand name continues with the highly materialized mainstream artwork most notably seen in galleries and institutions.



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On to the Next One?

How many contemporary art references can you find in this video?

Interesting connections (it is up to us to figure out their relevance...if any) are being made here...All this information: aesthetics, mass media, and hip-hop attitude being brought together is the direction that art and culture has been treading on. So is it really on to the next one, or nothing but a G thang?

It is interesting that Jay-Z references Hirst and Koons and other "post-modern" contemporary artists. In an effort to "reinvent" hip-hop (just as Koons and Hirst seek to re-invent art), we are given the same old thing, just repackaged in an almost clever way. Just as Koons and Hirst make art that proves they only care about themselves (and their materialistic values), Jay Z makes songs that prove he only cares about himself.

But I guess since art is subjective, it is up to the individual consumer to decide what they choose to accept as worthwhile...Here is where I let out a sigh.