Art Fought the Law...

Once again street art is in the news and again it gets a negative perspective from the media. Authorities keep getting it wrong and unfortunately it looks like they will never learn. When Shepard Fairey was arrested in Boston months ago the authorities tried to make a bigger stink then it was in reality. It becomes a political game of cat and mouse and this aint no Tom and Jerry shtick. In that case according to many friends of Fairey and The Wooster Collective, the Police were trying to embarrass the mayor of Boston who had cut back on police funding (proposal of a one year wage freeze). I won't go into it, the article by Wooster Collective more then suffices.

The latest victim is an artist from North Carolina, arrested for creating a "sculpture" from those orange traffic barrels used everywhere in the world. While this sculpture might have diverted traffic due to the amazing aesthetic value it presented, it caused no psychical or financial harm. Police have to much time on their hands if they are seriously making a case for prosecuting Joseph Carnevale, a young college student and part time construction worker. Unlike most of Fairey's graphic design appropriations, I really enjoy Carnevale's work. The young artist has a history of taking found objects from urban environments, which in turn interact with its surroundings. This latest sculpture seemed to resemble a monster trying to hitch a ride from a passerby. The best part of all of this is that the construction company has offered to commission for the artist to make a new one! There is a difference between what Carnevale did and the destructive tagging done by street thugs on public buildings (unless the typography is amazing, or the style is carefully constructed, most tagging is done by people with no artistic intention).

In this case it seems that when art fought the law and the law won. However I hope for society and cultures sake they drop the ridiculous charges on Joseph Carnevale and put him inside a gallery and not a court room.

Kill Your TV

Who gives a shit!? Why do I watch TV if that is the only question I seem to be asking? This new show on Comedy Central Tosh. O or something gets all its material from the internet. Thats what our society has come down to...I am kinda glad that I don't spend hours in my day on Youtube like I did in college. I have grown up...Most of young America hasn't apparently. The latest waste of time are the deadbeat parents Jon and Kate. Stop watching and they will go away! These people are obviously horrible human beings who only had kids to exploit them. Its terrible to think about all the parents who can't have kids for physical reasons, and they have to hear about this stupid bullshit on the news? And how is this news altogether?

The one thing I don't understand is are these reality TV stars celebrities? With reality TV taking up almost 95% of television programing theses days (I am just pulling that number out of my ass but seriously every channel has at least one reality TV show now) these "normal" people are on the screen more then the people who read from a script. Although I am sure that the validity of these shows is suspect and most of what really takes place is off camera. So here is my question to you people who watch this shit: Are you bored with your lives? Seriously do you need to live vicariously through the douche bag yuppies on the Real World because you can't make your own friends? If you want to be rich and selfish like the horrible and disgusting women on the Real Housewives series, then stop watching television and go out and use people. Is your job so boring that you fantasize about being a celebrity dog groomer (one of the dumbest ideas yet), an ice road trucker, a sea shepherd, or a deep sea fisherman? Why do we feel the need to watch other people do their jobs, while the majority of us don't want to do ours?

Kill your TV!