5 minutes and 33 seconds of fame

This is the first post in a while. I have neglected writing my direct thoughts for a while. I decided that I won't do this again. I feel that its important to continue writing in this blog. For me and my audiences. Maybe I can inspire someone out there to do something or take a new interest. But mostly so that I can inspire myself. To put my ideas into action, and somehow reach out there. The internet is so monumental and we take it for granted. This huge of networking can reach out and allow me to talk to people I never would have known were living breathing and passionate people. There are people who are just like us. People with similiar goals and we might never have known it if it wasn't for a place like Meetup, Myspace, or Facebook. Its so crazy and I love it. The progression of our species will be reliant on our dependency to communicate on a wide scale. There are really no more celebrities. Sure there are superstars that will always exist in the media for weeks on end. But everyone can become a celebrity and go from underknown to super-stardom. The internet has shortened the length of Andy Warhol's proclamation to more like "5 minutes and 33 seconds of fame." Trends and our attention span are short so it is important to make a lasting impression. A person like Chris Croker or Perez Hilton, internet personalities, will be connected with more pop culture dribble and forgettable moments. A truly wise person will use the instant chance at mass communication and use it to better themselves and our community, which thanks to the infinite lengths of the world wide web becomes the world.